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I have started writing down all the dramas and movies (Japanese) I have seen so I thought I'd post this up here, but of recent I feel I am stuck in a doldrum, are there no good dramas to watch...or am I mistaken?
If you have any recommendations, please let me know  <3

Dramas/Movie ListCollapse ) 
Gave Up - Reasons: Story put me off, actors annoyed me, was unusually dumb, and I couldn't replace Sho and Aoi with Toma and...what's her name again...yeah... my tolerance ran thin recently.

Took A Break - I got busy and didn't get time to watch it...I may finish it depending on how bored I get.

I am sure I have forgotten a couple of movies..especially horror movies that I must have watched ages ago....oh well...here is my almost perfectly compiled list! :)
13 March 2009 @ 01:20 am

I have been DBSK-ed, Tohoshinki-ed or whatever name they go by...

I heard Mirotic last year and I liked it especially because of their dance..I love music you can dance to, or makes me want to dance to. PUT MY BODY TO WORK (ok that doesn't sound right)

Then I watched Survivor performance on Music Station (with Arashi, BoA, Glay and others) and remembered these other 5 guys. Guys who are closer to my age and share the same birth month. kekeke..

I haven't even seen most of their PV's or shows (except for Dangerous Love, Vacation and their house tour) and some variety shows appearance like X man and Love Letter but man I am so hooked...
I am sorry Aiba, but Yunhoo and Yoochan are so..so...... sinful! It's like they're under my skin.O_O

I still love you Arashi, you were my first love (of bands). Its just that it's about time I get off being a good girl and play around a bit. You know, meet some other guys when I am still young ;)

Anyways, I think Believe totally pwned over Survivor in Music Station, but I want to see Arashi dance all cool too!
Come on JE when are you going to give me that? Surely not before Ohno hits 30! AAAAAAH!
25 January 2009 @ 12:17 am

Taijiproject subbed another epic video. Nino and Sho supporting the "NO-GOOD" hosts.

I picked the Okinawa guy(to research) and look at him!

From being a...

He went to become...





The power of Arashi...

Unfortunately I discovered my favorite Kimura Takuya/Okhura look alike host is not in the club anymore...I guess I won't be going to Club Eden then LOL

12 November 2008 @ 12:23 am

So I should be studying for my midterm and quiz, but instead I am doing something not very...eh...productive? I was thinking of "sensible" but heck its sensible, in its way ;)
alright I'll spill the beans

I was checking out this website of...host club

Yup its a real host club and they have a line up of boys on their website. Mind you I am NOT promoting sex trafficking (but this is just 'service' right?) Anyways, I was sick of studying alright?
The numbaaa 1 looks slightly  like an idol...a female idol. Number 2 to 4 are NOT my cup of tea but I kinda like Number 5 *my favorite/lucky number!* I know you are curious :)
Here's the link ;)

This is Number 5 XD

He reminds of Ohkura from Kanjani8 o____O Edit::: AND with the flair of Kimura Takuya XD

31 October 2008 @ 12:46 am

Remember the previews for next episode on Himitsu no Arashi-chan????

This guy is gonna be on it and I found that out before I saw the preview, so of course I screamed my head off...
Enjoy the dance cover of Kitto Daijoubu by Lamahdesu@youtube.



31 October 2008 @ 12:44 am

keio keio keio O__o [October 29th, 2008]


KEIO and my university are under the same association, there are 37 'leading research universities' in the list across the globe altogether and my university is one of them...SEND ME TO KEIO DEAR UNI!

and there is also a Keio Academy of New York...all smart people still in middle school or high school do a summer there! You can!!! ^^

Edit:::Ok back to my 10 pg paper due in the next 2 hrs...and I have only have 6 now T____T I am still so dead. Mission complete!!! Now to study for my lab practical exam...the fun never ends *cry*

25 October 2008 @ 09:26 pm
Today I woke up absolutely happy...
So I had a interesting dream.

Aiba was in a press conference somewhere in USA. It had to be close because I was rushing to get there. I manage to make it, although it's almost the end.
Suddenly Aiba gets up and in a serious voice announces he's taking a break from Arashi.

He wants to go to university for a year and will return to Arashi after. BUT he announced the uni he's going to study in and he said "University of _________ ________ " the one I am in!
I was jumping with joy when the Japanese fans [who followed him just like the fans for Taipei con] were crying. I was conjuring ways to get close to him etc and I woke up.

Happy....then realize it's a dream....goes back to sleep.

14 October 2008 @ 12:22 pm

This kid is so cute! Which ass gave him 1 star?

Now I want a kid just so I can flail on him/her hahahaa


Edit:::he knows so many songs!!! I just went through his videos, very cute!
10 September 2008 @ 07:02 pm

If only I had found this CM earlier, I would quickly learned how to say Fish, Wave and Hot in Japanese because it's stuck in my head...

damn I need to prepare for my final tomorrow!

04 September 2008 @ 09:22 pm

I had a horrible horrible nightmare. One of my old friends back from kindergarten days was in it. Recently we got in touch again and maybe because of that I dreamt of her.

After hiking up some hill, my friend turned out to be behind all the serial killings happening and I was going to be the next victim. Dramatic but it was frightening as hell and I ran for my life until I was safe.
Change of scene, I was in a court room. I was testifying against my old friend and Ohno was her attorney along with Jun as her accomplice...WTF!

Messed up dream but it was so frightening that I woke up in cold sweat.

Anyways so I thought it's telling me something........and I did some thinking and searched up on google.

Maou's OST is up for preorder at Yesasia!!!!!!! (not at Cdjapan yet)

Ohno is haunting me dammit!!!

Release date: Sept 10, 2008.